How 1:1 sessions Work

Sessions take place either in your garden, our outdoor area, or in the nearby area (if appropriate to what we're working on).

Why do we offer 1:1 sessions?

  • To cover things which specifically relate to you and your dog, or which are not covered in a class

  • To allow the owners to have the trainers' undivided attention

  • To ensure that you are gaining confidence alongside your dog

  • To work in a "natural" environment, where there are normal distractions and behavioural requirements to meet

Our Classes

...take place at our premises in Bushey (WD23) located on Ashfield Avenue. We have a purpose built room and a garden area which is safe and secure!

We also make use of the local park for some of our sessions.

Outside area
Outside area
Outside area

If you have any questions or enquiries, get in touch! 


For home visits  - *mobile within 15 miles of WD23

*also determined by travel time

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Outside area