Doggy Boot Camp

  • 1:1 Training
  • Positive reinforcement 
  • Bespoke training 
  • Single or multiple days 

This new programme offers owners the opportunity to reap the rewards of training, without doing the hard work!


Training days enable dogs to spend 1:1 time with the trainer,

working on single or multiple behaviours and then go home at the end of the day. 

Training days can be singular or multiple, depending on how many behaviours you want embedded and reinforced.


How does "Boot Camp" work?

Our training days are a little like sending your dog to school; they work hard but have an enjoyable time, then come home at the end of the day! 

Prior to the training days you'll have a meet and greet with the trainer, during which we will discuss your needs and requirements; as well as meeting the student! We then go ahead with the training programme, after which we then do a debrief to show you what we have achieved and how to ensure it sticks. 


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