Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

...About Puppy classes:

When can my puppy come to class?

Because this age is so crucial to learning and socialisation, we tend to say as early as possible. However as all classes currently take place outside, vaccinations are required to the point where the vet has given the go ahead!

*Bear in mind that vaccinations are granting immunity to common diseases, so bringing a puppy who has not had their full set is your risk to take*

Things to bring to class:
  • Plenty of yummy treats for your pup! Positive reinforcement means rewarding the good behaviour

  • A well fitting harness (along with a collar) is recommended

  • A fixed length lead, extendable leads will not be allowed in class

  • It is also a good idea to bring your puppy's bed or mat, to ensure they have somewhere comfy to settle 

**Choke chains will not be permitted**

**We do prefer harnesses to collars**

Where are classes held?

All classes are held at a residential address, so the full details are given when you're all booked in for classes. The postcode is WD23 4HG, which is in Bushey, Hertfordshire.

What am I paying for?

You're paying for tuition with a qualified, experienced dog trainer - giving you guidance and knowledge to ensure your puppy becomes a well behaved family member. 

Our venue is a safe and controlled environment designed for dogs; as well as being under cover. Sessions will mostly take place inside, where it's warm! 

Do I also need to attend socialisation classes?

That's entirely up to you! During every session we allow time for puppies to socialise in a positive and controlled manner.​ If you also ensure that your puppy meets other dogs when out and about, that's a perfect foundation!

Bear in mind...

We do accept all breeds into classes, as long as they are legal in the UK, or have been registered. 

If your Puppy is in season please let us know prior to the class.

...About 1:1 Sessions:

Why do we come to you?

Our sessions take place in your home or your local park because they are your dogs' "natural" environments. If your dog is uncomfortable, they are less receptive. 

We also aim to make training as convenient as possible for our clients!

Are you training me or my dog?!

We train both! Our aim is to train the owner to train their dog, as we cannot be there all the time. However, in certain circumstances we will demonstrate and reinforce a behaviour for you. As well as offering continuing guidance. 

Can we train children?

We do not offer child training services, however we are more than happy to "train" children how to behave and work with their canine companion. 

How many do I need?

We never tell a client how many sessions they require as it is impossible to know. There are too many variables which can affect training, to even make a guess. 

It is more cost effective to do a package deal and you can always save a session in case you need it one day!

Who can attend our sessions?

As many people as you wish! If you feel that family members would benefit from being there, then they are more than welcome. We do not mind an audience. 

Do I need a 1:1 session?

Many of our clients benefit from 1:1 sessions because they lack confidence, so we give them a boost! We want you to love owning and training your dog and confidence is key to this! 

...About our Board & Train Programme:

Why Board & Train?

We offer the programme for dog owners who need a helping hand with training. Whether it's because they have a full schedule, don't know where to start or want their dog to have a productive holiday whilst they are abroad; we aim to take the hard work out of training, so we do it for you!

Can we guarantee results? 

We can! We do all of the hard work for you, ensuring that the behaviours you want to see become the norm,

Before you take your dog home, we will have a session and go through the methods we have used and anything which still requires reinforcement. You may simply have to offer them a treat every so often to maintain the training.

Will my dog enjoy it?

Yes! It's not all hard work. Our training methods are reward based, so that your dog earns yummy treats and plenty of affection. We dote upon our guests, plenty of belly rubs and cuddles to be had!

From what age can they join us?

We can take puppies and adults! Puppies must be toilet trained and be able settle without the presence of a person to ensure their stay is not stressful. We do spend a lot of time with our guests, but we cannot be there all the time! 

What methods do we use?

All of our methods are positive, meaning that we increase the likelihood of good behaviours using tasty treats, toys or something as a motivator. To eradicate negative behaviours, we aim to ignore the bad behaviour, or to offer an alternative. 

What happens afterwards?

Upon collecting your dog, we will have a 1:1 session, during which you can see how far your dog has come! We will offer clear guidelines about how to maintain the level of training. 

We do not offer follow-up sessions as standard, however these can be booked.